next time your're outside, stop for a moment and listen for the:

and maybe you'll take a similar walk to what created this image. most of the time i'm out walking, my earphones are in, drowning out these sounds. i wanted to take the opportunity to appreciate these simple sounds when the opportunity presented itself. by following the loudest sound within earshot until a louder one came along, a line through the city was made using the GPS software LiveTrkker. that line was warped and edited into a poster welcoming people to portland, and from that, a sepia-toned, framed version of the poster was made, for funzies.


the images were put together into GIPHY, and embeded in html, so you can see them here on this site! take a look at some of the other stuff done with/related to this project:

if you would like to move on, the next project is located in room 258's dark room